Reg Righyni Purpleheart

I recently aquired some lengths of Purleheart, the pictures dont really do the colour of the float justice it has a lovely shade of purple, given that these were quite thin lengths they seemed suitable for copying the Reg Righyni Grayling float.
I found an article on how to make these floats in a 1968 copy of 'Mr Crabtrees book of fishing for boys' which i recently discovered in my mothers attic, I had totalt forgotten I had this book till I opened it and the memorys came flooding back, it was my first fishing book.

The article together with pictures details how to make this float in balsa wood, it has such a lovely shape I thought I would copy it using the Purpleheart.
The original has a 0.8mm wire stem, all I had available was 1.0mm wire.

Body length is 3.5inches like the original.