Wooden Floats

This blog was created to share my creations.
Many years ago I started making my own floats, firstly Pike floats then as I moved into match fishing I started making pole floats, in the years that have past I've been lucky in that some of the best pole float makers in the country have helped me with good advice, materials and even shared a secret or two with me which has been a great help.
Due to suffering with an illness I find it difficult these days to carry all the tackle needed to match fish and now I mostly fish with 1 rod and a small bag of tackle.
While I still make pole floats for a few friends a lot of my float making has been of the traditional type, quill's reed's, cork etc, there are a few people out there doing the same and many of these floats could simply be classed as works of art with some people buying them to collect and display instead of fishing with them.

Many years ago I did a lot of woodturning, making bowls etc, a recent tidy up in my garage I came across a few wood blanks that i had never used, seeing the wonderfull colours and patterns in those blanks made me think "wouldn't a float look good made from that" so with the intention of making 1 float and seeing how it looked another got made and another.
Too nice to fish with and to be honest I doubt they would work properly so they now adorn various shelves in my home, after showing them to a few people and posting the occasional picture on some of the angling forums I visit I decided to create this blog so I could share them with other like minded anglers.